The Power of Conscious Human Patterns
(Due to be Published in 2022)

We all are driven by an urge to achieve goals. Yet many of us fail to reach them.  Of the few who succeed, a sense of fulfilment still eludes many. Does therefore, a sure-shot recipe for success in goals and fulfilment in life even exist?

This book totally flips our approach to goals and fulfilment. It examines goals through the prism of conscious mastery over our patterns. It also examines the futility and hollowness of goals reached without striving for this self-mastery.

Our patterns are the involuntary, unconscious, subconscious and conscious routines which comprise 99% of our lives. These tiny threads shape our every single thought, action, emotion, and energy. They define the entire human geometry. And they shape all our outcomes.

Human patterns are not a matter of chance. Instead, they are part of a grand design. They are our responses to patterns in the world around us. These patterns are essential to our very survival as individuals and as a species. Therefore we – and all other species – have evolved into natural pattern recognizers and pattern creators. Basic patterns even get coded into our genes as we evolve.

Left unattended, our patterns could turn us into slaves. Shaped consciously, they become powerful micro-engines that propel us inexorably towards our goals and fulfilment.

The most important discovery is that such patterns are incredibly simple to create.

In fact the right patterns must be easy by definition!

As an example, simple tweaks to our patterns of breathing, eating, our postures, etc. can totally alter out outcomes. Similarly re-shaping our bigger patterns of how we conduct our finances, work, relationships, etc., change those outcomes drastically.

The book starts with an examination of the origin, nature and power of our patterns. Thereafter it provides a simple recipe to shape our patterns and align them to our desired outcomes.

The results are self-mastery, success in goals and fulfilment

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