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Hi! I am Sunil Prem. I served in the Indian Army for 24 years. Then I moved on, worked in the corporate, and then started a few businesses.

I believe that doing what you love is the cornerstone to true abundance in life. I create massive value in all I do and I help others do the same.

My passions include:

  • Coaching & Workshops: I run workshops and individual sessions on life skills. I believe life is essentially simple. One only needs to remove unnecessary layers to reveal the simplicity and beauty underneath.
  • Patterns: This world is built of patterns. And human intelligence and capability are  but our ability to interpret and respond to patterns. All humans thoughts, actions, emotions and energy are 99%+ patterns, By altering your patterns, you can alter your lives – to attain self-mastery,  success and fulfilment. And doing this is so easy..
  • Books: A good book is years of its author’s wisdom distilled into a few words. It represents true wealth. For me, writing and reading are nameless urges. I love to read, write, and share.
  • Ex-Soldiers Network: Soldierly values are among the highest ideals of a society. Soldiers out of uniform can transform society. At Brisk Olive (Soldier2ndLife), it is our endeavour to help ex-soldiers do this, while leading happy, productive 2nd Lives.

My Organisations:

Welcome to our programs


Our program help you find fulfilment in life by attaining self-mastery and achieving success, Overcome your fears, and solve life and business problems like what, why and how. Our Soldier2ndLife programs help retired and retiring ex-soldiers integrate into the civil world and lead happy, productive and creative lives.

Our Program

My Videos

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How to Transform Yourself

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