To be of value.
To go beyond the usual.
To make a difference with what we do.
Then does the world pay us our due. And more..

Expand yourself..

I could never constrain my curiosity. So I gave up, on giving up..

Build Patterns

Sunil Prem - Conscious Human Patterns

Change your patterns, Change your Life. And do it easily

Our patterns are our involuntary, unconscious, subconscious and conscious routines, that we repeat throughout our lives.


Sunil Prem - Love Books?

Books shape our lives as perhaps only nature can.

A good book is a person’s entire life’s work distilled into words. Through them, we absorb from lives of the very 

A Soldier's 2nd Life

Sunil Prem - Soldier2ndLife

Soldiering is about trying to live up to the ultimate ideals.

By absorbing ex-soldiers into our world, both soldiers & our society win. It’s a force to transform our world.

My Programs

Sunil Prem - Coaching and Workshops

Truth is simple. It lifts layers t to reveal the beauty beneath.

Through my workshops and coaching programs, I seek to learn as well as to help you create massive value.


The book focuses mostly upon a soldier’s (and spouse’s) success in their second life careers. However, most aspects of their second lives are covered. The aim is to provide a common solution that works for every aspect.

Book Cover - The Power of Conscious Human Patterns

Book: The Power of Conscious Human Patterns

Our patterns are the involuntary, unconscious, subconscious and conscious routines which we repeat throughout our lives.  Shaped consciously, they become powerful micro-engines that propel us towards our goals and fulfilment. They are incredibly simple to create.. - Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

I enjoy...

  • Patterns: Helping you attain Self-Mastery & Success 
  • Business: Starting & running a business.
  • Soldier2ndLife: Helping 2nd Life Soldiers excel & be happy.
  • Books: I write because reading & writing are nameless urges.

What my clients and friends say

How have these workshops and books changed lives? Hear from my clients and friends.

Soldier2ndLife Workshops

"Attending your workshop was wisest of decisions I have made in my life. SWOT analysis was the best learning I took. I intend to follow your guidance.."
testimonial image -
Devender K Kaushik
ex-Defence, Indian Navy
The Power of Conscious Human Patterns

"The human mind is unconsciously trained to form patterns in all aspects of life. The challenge lies in identifying the ones that act as impediments in achieving success and breaking the mold to form new ones."
testimonial image -
Kunal Khurana
Manager with Learning and Development at KPMG

"Thanks, Sunil. You simplified things so much for me, that now I can approach my career decisions with absolute clarity."
testimonial image -
Ashish Pandey

“Begin your journey to fulfilment with self-mastery and happiness.”


Harmonize your body, mind and inner self.

Would you like instant results? Take time to breathe..

Start with the fundamentals, like how you breathe, how you sit, what you ear, etc. Your larger things automatically start to fall in place.

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