Conscious Human Patterns

The technique of conscious human patterns totally flips our approach to goals and fulfilment. It is not hard work which leads to success. It is your patterns, which you repeat throughout your lives.

Our patterns are the involuntary, unconscious, subconscious and conscious routines which comprise 99% of our lives. These tiny threads shape every single one of our thoughts, actions, emotions, and our very energy. They define the entire human geometry. They shape all our outcomes.

The development of human patterns is not a matter of chance. They are our responses to patterns in the world around us. They are essential to our very survival – as individuals and as a species. We – and all other species – have, therefore, evolved into natural pattern recognisers and pattern creators. Many core patterns even get coded into our genes as we evolve.

Patterns go deeper than habits. Habits are what we do. Patterns are what we are, how we breathe, how every part of us functions, down to out smallest elements and up to our largest routines.

Left unattended, our patterns turn us into slaves. Shaped consciously, they become powerful micro-engines that propel us inexorably towards wherever we want to go – towards self-mastery, our goals and fulfilment.

As an example, simple tweaks to our patterns of breathing, eating, our postures, etc, can totally alter out outcomes. Similarly re-shaping our larger patterns, of how we conduct our finances, work, relationships, etc, change those outcomes drastically.

Most importantly, such patterns are incredibly simple to create. In fact the right patterns must be easy, by definition,

Also, building the right patterns, by definition, fun. What is not fun, will not last. But yes, removing the grooves of the wrong patterns takes work and time.

My yet to be published book, The Power of Conscious Human Patterns (working title), starts with an examination of the origin, nature and power of our patterns. Thereafter it provides a simple recipe to shape our patterns and align them to our desired outcomes. 

However, here I have tried to explain the basics of this philosophy. What do you think? Would you like to share your experiences? I look forward to your stories, comments and questions.

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