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“The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action”

Herbert Spencer

Programs & Workshops

"Not knowledge, but acton!"


Achieve 2ndLife Earning, Financial Freedom, Fulfilment & more

Noida, 11-12 Jan 2020

Soldier2ndLife Transition Workshop # 5

This workshop is for you if you are from the Army, Navy, Air Force (or a Spouse), and already Retired or Retiring Within 36 Months.

Day 1: Define Your Dream 2nd Life

  • The Psychology & Steps of a successful Transition.
  • Creating a powerful SWOT to identify your 2ndLife Goals.
  • Start creating “Brand You”.
  • Understand: Job vs Business vs Self-Employment vs New-Age options.
  • Analysing your gaps and making plans to fill these gaps.
  • Initiating steps for Financial Freedom.

Day 2: Start Building Your Dream:

  • Detailed SWOT: Finalise 2nd Life Options & Plans (1 – 3 options).
  • Jobs: Write Your CV, Mock Interview, Find Vacancies(s).
  • Entrepreneurship: Define your business, start making a Plan.
  • Prepare your Financial Freedom Plan.
  • And more..

Date: 11-12 Jan 2020, 9am-6pm (Sat – Sun)

Venue: G-203, Sector 63, Noida

1st 50 Applicants Only. NO WALK-INS PLEASE

Only Day 1 : Rs 1250 + GST = Rs 1475 per person (incl Lunch & Refreshments)

Only Day 2: Rs 1250 + GST = Rs. 1475 per person (incl Lunch & Refreshments)

Both Days: Total = Rs 2500 + GST = Rs. 2950 per person.

Accompanying Spouse: Only Rs. 500 + GST per day = Rs. 590 per day, for Lunch & Refreshments. Workshop is free.

Workbook worth Rs. 500 : Free for each participant.

Money back Guarantee: 2 Day Workshop Participants: If your expectations are not met, please collect your refund on the spot at the end of Day 1. No Questions asked.

Pre-Workshop Preparation: Please keep the following ready before the workshop:

  • SWOT
  • CV (if your option is a job)
  • Current Plan for Financial Freedom (please make a draft).”
Workshop - Rebuild your life with patterns - Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay
Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay


Delhi-NCR, Feb 2020

Achieve Success in Goals, Self-Mastery & Fulfilment, & Live in the Moment..

Conscious Human Patterns Workshop # 2​

Our patterns are the involuntary, unconscious, subconscious and conscious routines which we repeat throughout our lives.  Shaped consciously, they become powerful micro-engines that propel us towards our goals and fulfilment. They are incredibly simple to create..


Delhi-NCR, March 2020

Rise above any and all fears. Live your life fear free..


Unreasonable fears are at the roots of all human misery, disease, incompetence and failures. Being fearful of your past or your future warps your present life.

Which is another way of saying that being fearful, you do experience life’s beauty at all!

Yet unreasonable fears are easily banished. The trick is to free yourself, to rise above them.

Yoga Fear Free Mudra -

Image by Hermioneyoga from Pixabay

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